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Rentlio Trend Tracker helps you monitor the hospitality industry recovery based on live data from more than 7k accommodation units managed using Rentlio. The Tracker shows current ratio between new and canceled bookings. Higher ratio means more positive trend. Weekly averages for current and two previous years are shown on the graph below.



Will 2021 mark the beginning of the tourism recovery?

The desire to travel and discover new experiences and destinations is one of the most powerful yearnings known to man. Although the tourism industry was one of the first to be hit by the crisis, we believe that, due to its flexibility, this sector will be among the first to recover. How long will the crisis last - both in terms of health and economics - no one knows. But we need to leverage this predicament to efficiently prepare for a recovery, which will inevitably happen.

2020 was incredibly challenging and confusing for everyone in the hospitality industry. Our goal with Trend Tracker is to provide hosts and property managers worldwide with timely information about the change in the overall trend.

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